The JavaScript Monastery

My name is Richard Mallonee, the resident scrīptōre and illūminātor. Opibusque valere cupio! This is my personal engineering and art website. I discuss complex JavaScript, user interfaces, and art.

Recent Articles

I wrote a cute little article called Welcome to the Scriptorium. Afterwards I was moved to further develop the idea, so I created a website devoted to a high-tech melding of JavaScript and art.

Distributed Website Design

This website consists of an integrated set of internet domains that are all hooked together. They are seamlessly connected by a distributed control system that is "anchored" at one central location, namely, the JavaScript Monastery. Under the hood, everything is IFrame'd, and connected via HTML5 postMessage API's. continue reading...

Wordpress and IFrames

How to IFrame an entire Wordpress site, and why you might want to. continue reading...

JavaScript, Art, and Animation

A visual and auditory melding of unbelievably complex JavaScript, 160 sprites, and gregorian chant. This is the most sophisticated animation of its type in the world. I hope you enjoy it. The Monastery


Why do websites need art? Are visuals really that important? continue reading...

JavaScript Standards

ECMAScript Version 5 in pure HTML, the full standard Welcome to the Scriptorium


The work that I do is impossible without debuggers. Multiple domains that send messages to each other through a central common broker is a recipe for spaghetti madness unless. Without a debugger the task is hopeless. Browsers have built-in debuggers, and console loggers, but they are not as convenient as an actual in-site, built-in debugger. Here is my solution: continue reading...

Responsive Websites

It used to be that just having a website was "good enough". Now it has to also be "responsive". This is a tough job to do correctly. continue reading...